Thursday, April 14, 2016

Indelible Moments

Indelible, those moments, those times that left a permanent mark in your life. Just a few days ago was the anniversary if you will of cutting off part of two fingers, definitely a permanent mark.
There are always times, good and bad that leave those marks in life. When your first love #Jan for me, breaks your heart, cheating on you. Everyone thinks their wedding day is but believe me divorce day is as well. Divorcing #Kathy was for sure. Or the multiple marks #Taryn #Smerecki left with the lie's of #cancer. Of taking her to Adragna funeral home to plan her mother's funeral when her mom wasn't even sick. 
I felt a more painful mark knowing she scammed charities and other people just to play games with my kindness.

Changing jobs and even carriers leave indelible marks to but they can also be good life lessons that teach you the many diverse aspects there are in life. I guess all indelible marks good and bad are what shape our lives and us into the caliber of person we become

One can only hope to have more good marks than bad and hopefully only leave good marks on others as we travel through life.

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